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JSSF 2017 - March 18, 2017

Stockton University

Welcome to The Jersey Shore Science Fair 2017

Student registration for JSSF 2017 is open :: Monday December 12, 2016 !!!!!

Download the ISEF forms from this site. [Forms links updated January 5, 2017]
ISEF Forms: ISEF Forms

Students: When filling out your application data, Please be sure to enter your school code from the dropdown box (or your school info if your school is not in the dropdown box) AND your project title. Failure to do so will cause the update program to bypass your application!!!!!!

Teachers: We are asking that you begin sending student paperwork to Stockton for those students who have submitted all the appropriate forms and abstracts so that we can begin the check-in procedure and processing of the paperwork. This is a very time-consuming procedure and the sooner we can begin this process of check-in and sorting, the easier it will be when we close registartion on March 4th and have to begin the process of printing nametags, certificates, etc. If you do not have packages for all your students, that's okay. Send those that are ready and send the one's that aren't later. It will make our job much easier. With over 500 student projects already registered, it is a monumental job to do this processing!!!

The address for the mail is further down on this page. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!




Delaware Valley Science Fairs, Inc. Stockton University




Two documents which define judging criteria for The Jersey Shore Science Fair and the Delaware Valley Science Fair
Science Fair Judging_Criteria
Science Fair Judging Criteria Delaware Valley









Please include "JSSF" in the subject of your email.
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route your message to the proper folder!!

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